Good Old Age Golden Foundation is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental, Non- Political, Non-Denominational Organization registered in the company’s Act 1963 (Act 179). Good Old Age Golden Foundation gives assistance to the Elderly/Aged of the ages of 65years and above, who are vulnerable and who have lost their strength to cater for themselves.

This organisation came to being for the fact that the welfare of the elderly has been low priority in Ghana, without the safe, secure and dignifies status in the country; the elderly is finding them vulnerable. Also, poor elderly persons are vulnerable since they are more dependent, and less likely to have access to information and assistance. they do not recognise that some of their problem are legal in nature, and do not seek help to get assistance due to the fact that sometimes they are timid to approach public agency.

They also go through legal problems such as private pensions, guardianship and conservatorship, surrogate decision-making mechanisms (durable power of attorney, trust and living wills), will and probate, age discrimination. Another great challenge they go through is Government benefit. On retirement, most elderly/aged enter into a radically different relationship with the government and its administrative bureaucracy, example is the Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP) programme in Ghana. Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP) programme is a social cash transfer programme that provides cash and health insurance to the extremely poor households across Ghana.

In prior days, the Elderly/Aged were called upon for advice and their immense wisdom did help in solving problems, as it is said “Wisdom Belongs to the Aged, and understanding to the Old”. Today, the story is not the same.

In Ghanaian local communities, the Elderly/Aged are mostly neglected by the society, families and friends. The reason being a perception conceived by the society that these elderly /Aged are possess with Evil spirit, Demons, Witchcraft or Wizard. These misconceptions are the fundamental basis for which these vulnerable are being neglected by the community. The fear of the community is that, if one gets closer with these Elderly/Aged, they will be possessed or will be cast a spell of bad lucks into their lives. Basically, in our community, when things do not go well in a certain family or household, and there happens to be an elderly/aged in such a home, community attribute the incidents as the evil work of these innocent elderly/aged.

Most Elderly/Aged today face harsh treatment, harassment, assault and are abused. Some of this awfulness agony is due to the fact that some Pastors or Prophets make false prophecies about these Elderly/Aged that motivates the Youth of today to maltreat such vulnerable especially Women. Everyone blames their misfortune on the grey hair wrinkled woman in the family and some even go to the extent of killing them.

They are disrespected, abused, harassed, discriminated and isolated; they sometimes die through physical means or through loneliness. Sometimes some of these Elderly/Aged are starved to death since they have no one to cook or feed them and sometimes most of them are poor due to the fact that they are no more active to work to be able to afford a day meal. Some also die in their bed since there is no one to help them to the hospital when they are sick

One reason for these elderly/aged being neglected by the youth is due to the fact that the elderly/aged are not able to keep them clean and for that reason they their body produced some kind of uncomfortable odour due to aging.

The 1992 constitution makes it category clear in Article 37(6b) that the “State provides social assistance to the aged…to enable them to maintain a descent standard living”. However, there is no policy that protects that protects the rights of the aging currently.

A draft on National Aging Policy presented to cabinet in 2003 has since not being given any attention. This shows how little the country is concerned about the ageing population forgetting that we will all one day aged and loss our strength of being active.

Good Old Age believes in fairness to all humankind and stands to fight Age discrimination against the elderly/aged. Therefore, we have come into existence to create harmonious environment for all elderly/aged across the world. Our motivation is that aging is not a sickness or a disease or a curse but is attain through a life well lived.


  1. Provide clean living accommodation
  2. To ensure adequate nourishment and clothes and shelter.
  3. Provide regular meals, have cooks who will cook regular and deliver them to the elderly/aged
  4. Prevent the elderly from begging for monies on the roadside to buy cigarette, marijuana and any hard drugs
  5. Routine visit to keep them company
  6. Provide home base care (cleaning and washing)
  7. To provide the elderly/Aged person access to fellowship activities, recreational facilities, mental support, social affairs and spiritual well-being.
  8. The poor helpless and destitute elderly/aged persons do not get health care services and remain untreated and maltreated for many diseases. This is crucial for their age. Therefore, regular medical check-up, health care will be arranged for targeted poor and helpless elderly/aged.

With these plans in place, we believe it will help increase their quality of life and reduce a portion of elderly poverty in Ghana.


The Foundation will achieve financial sustainability through earning from the following activities if we receive donations from your noble hospitality:

  1. Farming activities

    The Foundation shall secure a land for farming activities that will generate income for sustainability running of the organisation. It will also serve as an activity for the elderly/aged who are still have some strength to work on something little to keep them active.

  2. Barbering Saloon

    The Foundation is looking forward to secure a barbering saloon for one of the workers who is good with haircut to manage the saloon which will generate income.

  3. Handicraft Sale centre

    Various items of local handicrafts/souvenirs (Handmade African jewellery, kente cloth, handmade wood curving and mask, Paintings, bags). The sale centre will progressively be widened through its own income. Also, it well helps the elderly women who can make beads and baskets to have their hands on something.

  4. Community contribution

    GOAgF will encourage the community to contribute for the poor helpless and destitute elderly/aged per their ability

  5. Involvement of government and Non-governmental stakeholders

    GOAgF will establish effective coordination with local government, government departments, local churches, religious leaders, traditional leaders, NGOs and donor agencies, and solicit their possible cooperation and donations for Organisation.

  6. Policies

    As part of raising funds to support the activities of the organisation, the organisation have come up with a policy to extend its services to other elderly/aged who a well to do at a fee to support the ones who are needy, since some families are willing to pay for their elderly/aged to be taken care off.


  1. A well-constructed, well managed Aged clinic will be established at suitable and friendly environment to be accessed by the elderly/aged.
  2. Access to instant and quality health care for the elderly/aged will be ensured and their awareness on health and hygiene issues will be improved
  3. Adequate nourishment and cloths for the elderly/aged persons will be ensured
  4. Resourcing generating activities will be promoted to ensure financial sustainability beyond donor funding.
  5. The elderly/ aged will have access to extra-curricular activities, recreational facilities, mental support, social affairs and spiritual formation