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Need Donations For Eye Screening Project
We are seeking support from you to enable embark on a massive eye screening exercise for the elderly in our society. We currently have over 1500 frames. Your donations will help us get lenses for these frames to restore sight to the elderly in our society.
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In most of the societies in Ghana, the aged are considered witches and wizards and for that matter, most of them are rejected by society. Due to this, people molest, assault, and condemn them since they are helpless. By donating to us you can help transform life in our society

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we are constantly seeking donations in order to meet the growing demands of the vulnerable elderly in our society.
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Our CEO's Recognition

The Healthy Ageing 50 Initiative: 2022

Hurray!!! The effort of our Co-Founder and CEO (Roberta Adutwumwaah Ntem) has been recognized by the United Nation’s Decade of Healthy Ageing. She is one among 49 others in the world who were listed in the Healthy Ageing 50’ in 2022. The entire team at Good old Age Golden Foundation is proud of you. You can read more about her recognition here or find all the listed people on their website.

Our Mission & Objectives

Our mission is to change the narratives and correct the misconceptions and bad attitudes towards the elderly/aged. Also to love and support the destitute elderly who are vulnerable, as well as to protect, care for, acknowledge and honour the aged/elderly. Some of our key objectives also include but not limited to the following: 

  • To provide clean living accommodation
  • To ensure adequate nourishment and clothes and shelter.
  • To provide regular meals, have cooks who will cook regularly and deliver them to the elderly/aged
  • To prevent the elderly from begging for monies on the roadside to buy cigarettes, marijuana and any hard drugs
  • To provide the elderly/Aged person access to fellowship activities, recreational facilities, mental support, social affairs and spiritual well-being. 

Some Quotes

Here are some great quotes that keeps us motivated and going.

One-Quarter Of The Elderly In Ghana Are Multidimensionally Poor

According to Ghana Statistical Service, elderly population (60 years and older) has increased almost 10 times in the past six decades from a little over 200,000 (213,477) in 1960 to almost 2 million (1,991,736) in 2021. The elderly population comprises 861,830 (43.3%) males and 1,129,906 (56.7%) females.

The core aim of the organization is to put smiles on the faces of the vulnerable Elderly /Aged


Elderly persons are living alone


Out of this number are 80 years and older

0 Thousand

Elderly persons is multidimensionally poor

0 Thousand

Of the elderly population is employed


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