Our Mission

Our mission is to correct misconception and bad attitudes towards the elderly/aged. Also, to love and support the destitute elderly who are vulnerable, as well as to protect, care, acknowledge and honor the aged/elderly.

About Good Old Age Golden Foundation Ghana.

Good Old Age golden Foundation (G.O.A.F) is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political and non- denominational organization.

It exists to care for the aged, from the ages of 65 and above, who are weak and have no support; that is, the aged living alone without family support, and also the aged who have family support but are lonely and needs some to talk to or keep them company. 

The services we provide these aged includes: seeing to it that they are registered under the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), taking them to the health centers when they sick, washing, cooking, cleaning their environment and rooms, fetching water, keeping them company and helping them in their daily social activities which they are too weak to do for themselves. These are the main services we provide. Apart from these, we also give them a helping hand in clothing, feeding, and medication. We provide them with soaps, toilet rolls and any other little things they may need.

We also believe that, most of the communicable diseases that spread in the communities are not being easy to control since the immune system of the aged are weak at their age which makes them prone to such diseases, and since they are not taken good care of, they easily spread it in the communities.
In most of the societies in Ghana, the aged are considered witches and wizards and for that matter, most of them are rejected by society. Due to this, people molest, assault and condemn them since they are helpless. This isolates the aged from society and disallows them from taking part in activities they could have engaged in, especially since the aged are wise and could be consulted. Further, societal rejection makes the aged think a lot. This, in addition to hunger, pain and depression kills them easily since they have no one to talk to or cheer them up. Most of them, even when they are sick, have no one to assist them to the hospital. Once on our site visit, an old woman said to us, “THANK YOU FOR THINKING ABOUT US AND FOR ACKNOWLEDGING US HUMAN BEINGS"

The core aim of the organization

The core aim of the organization is to bring smiles on the faces of the aged and to lend them a helping hand in their old age till they depart from this earth. We also educate them on what to eat in order for them to remain healthy and also keep them exercising as a way of keeping them entertained, also we educate those who are addicted to smoking and alcohol to desist from it. We are also mostly concerned with their health because in the event that they get diseases that are communicable and do not take medication, and there is no one with them to take them to hospitals, the diseases can easily be transmitted and spread in the communities.

We believe that old age is neither a disease nor curse but part of the life circle which everyone will gradually pass through.

Good Old Age Foundation is founded not only to lend a helping hand to the aged but also to serve as a means of educating the public about the aged in the communities. 

Most people reject the aged with excuses and misperceptions that they did not take care of their children. Many of the aged were barren and for that matter have no children and grandchildren. They are also believed to be witches and wizards and other family or private reasons and most also poverty, because POOR NO FRIEND.
We wish to create happiness, hope, inspiration and love in the lives of the aged. We believe in truth, fairness and an understanding for all aged across the world. We have a sense of family and are committed to help the aged.

Hence the organization shall hereinafter be called Good Old Age Foundation (G.O.A.F) it shall be non-profit, non-governmental and non-religious. The foundation shall have its headquarters in Cape Coast in the Central Region.

The Organization so far finance it activities through membership (Local volunteers/workers) monthly contributions and other voluntary contributions from members.

Governing Body

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