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The Story of Mr Hayfron

Mr Hayfron is an 86-year-old man who lives all by himself on top of a storey building, which has no lavatory, and whose floor is made of deteriorating wood which is very likely to cave in. The windows in his room have no louvre blades, subsequently, it gets very cold at night and the room becomes home to an ecosystem of mosquitoes and what have you.

Mr Hayfron has no progeny around to take care of him. He was in a precarious situation, begging for alms and living from hand to mouth. Now, his mobility is impaired so, now he stays on top of the building all day without food or water. He is very ill and dying of hunger.

The Organisation discovered him in 2018 but has not been able to get him proper accommodation since there are complications towards where he lives currently. The organisation has plans to move him to a better place, as we are working on securing a place to house all these less privileged people. We believe that you have the power to alter their lives for the better.